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Body Sculpting Service in Bixby Knolls Long Beach & Huntington Beach, CA

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Body Sculpting Service in Bixby Knolls Long Beach and Huntington Beach, CA
Body Sculpting Service in Bixby Knolls Long Beach and Huntington Beach, CA

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Do body sculpting treatments really get rid of fat?
Is it still possible to see fat in those areas?

Do body sculpting treatments really get rid of fat?

Yes! Body sculpting gets rid of fat cells and reduces the appearance of fat in the treated areas of the body. There are 2 FDA approved no surgical ways to do this.

Whether using heat, or cooling. At Reddy Aesthetics we offer both options for spot treating resistant fat areas.

Body sculpting actually kills or shrinks the fat cells in the targeted areas. The cells that are die off are gone forever and will not grow back. The treated fat cells are excreted over the next couple of months, which is when you’ll see full results. The amount of fat cells affected during each treatment can vary. Generally its about 10%-15% each time. You are able to treat the same area several times to get a more dramatic result.

Is it still possible to see fat in those areas?

The treatments will be reducing, about 10-15% of fat in the treatment area each time. These are body contouring treatments, not a replacement for a poor diet. However, if you gain weight through unhealthy diet or lack of exercise. The fat cells that are still present in that area, will expand in size, even though those fat cells that were killed will not come back. So it is important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program.

Body sculpting treatments are not a major weight loss treatment. It’s best for those within a few pounds of their goal weight who maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. Body sculpting is best used to get rid of stubborn fat that can’t be reduced effectively through exercise.

Now let’s break down the different body sculpting treatments – Fat Freezing & Body SculpTM (using diode-laser energy)

Fat Freezing

This FDA-approved treatment, also known as cryolipolysis, freezes the fat cells in an area of your choice. Once the fat cells are frozen, they die and are excreted your body naturally over the course of a few months. Many patients who undergo Fat Freezing see a reduction in fat in the targeted area in the months following the recommended two treatments. The results are permanent as long as your weight is maintained.

Fat Freezing can be used on most body parts, so if you wish to target multiple areas at once this is a great option. Treatment on a single area only takes about 60 minutes. Fat Freezing is also an FDA-certified treatment. Learn more

BodySculpTM  (Using Diode Laser Technology)

BodySculpTM is a nonsurgical body-contouring treatment that uses diode-laser energy to permanently destroy stubborn fat cells. The treatment is popular for reducing unwanted fat  especially among people who want to avoid a more invasive liposuction procedure.
Rather than using cold, Body Sculpting uses heat from lasers to injure / kill the bodies fat cells. The fat cells that are targeted die off, and slowly get excreted by the body. It is also FDA approved, as Fat Freezing, for certain areas of the body. Over the course of the few months after your treatments, you’ll see a reduction in fat in the treated area.

BodySculpTM  features 4 diode laser applicators, which deliver laser energy that effectively penetrates into the hypodermis to target fat cells without harming the skin’s surface. The disrupted fat cells are then eliminated through the body’s natural lymphatic system, resulting in fat reduction. Each diode laser applicator is equipped to achieve lipolysis effectively, safely, and comfortably as possible for the patient.

The BodySculp’s laser energy penetrates the skin and heats only the fat cells (not other body tissue) until they’re too damaged to survive. Over the coming days and weeks, the body flushes them out through the lymphatic system. Patients should start seeing results within 2-6 weeks, with full results visible in three months.

BodySculpTM  sculpting is ideal for people who have small areas of stubborn fat and are in good physical condition. The results are also permanent as long as the patient maintains their weight and physical health. Patients may want to repeat the treatment in the same area to maximize their visual result.

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