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C02 Laser Skin Resurfacing in Long Beach and Huntington Beach CA

Specializing in Non-Invasive Skin Resurfacing Treatment for Younger and Smoother Skin. Call Us at Your Nearest Location to Schedule a Free Consultation or Request an Appointment Online With One of Our Aesthetics Specialists Today!

C02 Laser Skin Care Center Near Long Beach CA and Huntington Beach CA

What is C02 Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Our Phoenix C02 laser is a state of the art machine, and provides a safe and effective means to reverse sun damage, age spots, and premature wrinkles. New collagen is formed and the skin is also tightened. We also have a C02 hand scanner that can reverse years of sun damage and aging to the hands in virtually minutes.

What does C02 Laser Skin Resurfacing treat?

C02 Laser Skin resurfacing treats conditions such as deep wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage and scarring. Skin will look dramatically younger than it has in years. C02 vaporizes the outer layers of skin, so that the fine lines around the mouth and eyes are removed, and the deeper lines and grooves are much less noticeable. The new skin that is revealed is softer, smoother and results in a more youthful appearance that will last for years. Many patients say the laser can erase a decade of aging in less than an hour.

Interested in getting C02 Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment?

Call us at your nearest location in Southern California or request a consultation online to see if this is a good treatment option for your beauty goals. Our experienced providers can tailor a plan specific to your needs and your budget and we also accept Care Credit, making our medi-spa treatments affordable for everyone.

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