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Laser Skin Resurfacing Specialist in Long Beach & Los Alamitos CA

Reddy Aesthetics Offers Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment For Men and Women Who Have Acne or Skin Damage. Schedule an Appointment With One of Our Aesthetics Specialists Today! Call at Your Nearest Location.

Acne Facial Treatments Near Me in Los Alamitos CA

Our state of the art laser does Laser Skin resurfacing, which helps shrink pores, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates collagen and even some tightening, with minimal downtime and painless procedure. This makes this laser treatment one of the most sought after treatments we perform.

Before and After of Laser Skin Resurfacing Patients

Nefertiti neck lift in Los Alamitos CA

*Before and After Photo: Botox to Platysmal bands and Laser Skin Resurfacing of Neck.

Laser Skin Resurfacing using Erbium Laser

Nefertiti neck lift in Los Alamitos CA

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