Pico Laser Treatment Questions and Answers

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Pico Laser Treatment Near Me Bixby Knolls Long Beach and Huntington Beach, CA
Pico Laser Treatment Near Me Bixby Knolls Long Beach and Huntington Beach, CA

What is Pico laser treatment?

Pico laser treatment is relatively new to the market for skin enhancement and can be used for any number of issues related to the appearance of an individual’s skin. Pico laser treatment can be used on almost any part of the body including the face, arms, chest and legs. It uses two wavelengths and a powerful Pico pulse to create a photoacoustic effect when it interacts with the skin. It works quickly, with the effect taking only one trillionth of a second. The photoacoustic effect produces an effect on the skin called “frosting” in which the skin undergoes a transitory phase of whitening that lasts only a few minutes. In tattoo removal, ultra-short pulses hit the skin at high pressure to break down the tattoo ink particles, turning them into small dust particles. These particles, once broken down, are then absorbed into the body, where they are eliminated. This method has been shown to be more effective than previous methods of tattoo removal, requiring less procedures to completely remove the tattoo. The Pico laser is safe for darker skin types as well, as there is no dissipation of heat which typically causes discoloration in darker skin tones. The Pico laser has an additional handpiece that is collagen-stimulating and anti-aging for use as a preventative approach for anti-aging through the stimulation of collagen production.

What is a Pico laser good for?

A Pico laser has been shown to be effective on several different skin imperfections on pretty much any part of the body. It can be used for tattoo removal, pigmentation removal, acne scars, stretch marks and smoothing wrinkles, among other uses. The process that the Pico laser uses can improve the appearance of dark spots, freckles, sunspots, age spots and melasma, as well as improving the signs of sun damage on the skin. It can reduce the appearance of pigmented legions and pores, help clear up acne and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. It breaks up pigment in high concentrations as well as clumps of excess pigment, while at the same time stimulating new collagen growth below the skin’s surface in the dermis. The stimulation of new collagen growth is also used in anti-aging treatments as increased collagen production has been shown to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This is the same for acne scars and stretch marks, where an increase in collagen production can improve the appearance of imperfections in the skin. Pico laser treatments can be used on skin on the face, chest, arms and legs, or almost any other body part. Improvements and results from Pico laser treatment are visible after the first session, although multiple sessions are often required for the full results of the treatment to be realized.

What Does Pico Laser Do?

Pico laser quickly and effectively applies laser treatment to the skin, penetrating into the deeper layers under the skin’s surface, faster than any other method of laser treatment currently on the market. This ultra-fast laser application has an increased level of power, which is why it only needs to penetrate the skin for a picosecond. The increased power is also what causes the pigments it is aimed at to break down into a fine dust, allowing for quicker absorption and elimination into and back out of the body. The laser also stimulates collagen production beneath the skin’s surface, allowing for faster healing. The increased collagen production can also be used for the treatment of acne scars, stretch marks and anti-aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles. Without the prolonged exposure of traditional lasers on the skin’s surface, there is significantly less risk of the skin getting burnt and less chance of redness at the site of treatment. If you have any more questions, call us now.

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